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Name Type Review Price URL Screen System
20/20 2D Viewer Has some unique features FreeAdvertisement supported! Click for screenshot
Bright 2D editor Fast, simple, alpha support, unique features.  Can do animated gifs, etc. Free Click for screenshot
Button Artist 2D buttons Hmmmm....  Free Click for screenshot
Buttonz 2D buttons Button creation with layers and some unique features. Free na
Embellish 2D editor Nice interface, dedicated following.  Development seems to have been abandoned? FreeWas commercially available for us$69! na
Gimp 2D editor Layers, gradients, vectors, etc.  THIS program does just about everything.  Superb! Free Click for screenshot
Harms Tile 2D textures Unique features, layers, fun! Free Click for screenshot
I.Mage 2D editor Fast, simple.  Some unique features. Free na
IrfanView 2D viewer Very fast.  Supports many formats including mp3, avi, wav and animated gifs. Free na
Paintlet 2D editor Requires Java 2 Runtimes. Some unique features. Free Click for screen shot. Java!
PhotoPlus 5.0 2D editor Layers, fast, simple interface.  A bit limited. FreeRequires free registration.  Commercial version also available. Click for screenshot
Pixia 2D editor Famous Japanese editor.  Layers, gradients and more. Free Click for screenshot
Project Dogwaffle 2D editor New and improved with many unique features including natural brush effects! Free Click for screenshot
Reptile 2D textures Almost infinite variables.  Easy to use.  Can make animated  textures as well! FreeRequires free registration. Click for screenshot
SatoriXL 2D editor Claims to be first real time vector paint/ object oriented editing system.  Fast, nice interface.  Unique features. FreeRequires free registration.  Pro version also available. Click for screenshot
Tilez 2D textures Powerful layer creation.  Supports complex user calculations. Free na
Ultimate Paint 2D editior No layer support.  Does support many filter formats.  Fast. Free30day shareware version also available. Click for screenshot
Vcw Photo 2D editor Nice interface, some unique features. FreePro version also available. Click for screenshot
xButton 2D buttons GIF and JPG support.  Simple but a bit limited. Free Click for screenshot
xnView 2D viewer A bit slow thumbnail view.  Supports over 100 formats, very precise conversion results. Free Click for screenshot
Z Paint 2D buttons Easy to use, fast.  Limited features. Free


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