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  This page is currently under construction. Be sure to check back soon!

Have some good 2D (photoshop, gimp, etc.) tutorials that need to be listed here?

email me!

*Featured tutorials by Graphics Extreme Members*

*NEW* Feb. 22, 2001
Dazzling text logos for your website! By Jonathan Hunt.
An excellent example of how to make the most of text and layers in Photoshop (although it should work similarly well with GIMP, PSP, etc.)
*NEW* Feb. 21, 2001
Traditional painting with high-tech tools!
By Angela Logan.
An excellent example of how to simulate "painting".
Written for GIMP but usable with any 2D app that supports layers.
This tutorial may be found on site.
-- Miscellaneous 2D tutorials and documents --

Computer Arts Magazine
Many excellent 2D tutorials for Photoshop, etc.
DMOZ Tutorials for GIMP
An index to 32 great tutorials. Must see!
Faces and portraits
Excellent tutorial made for PS but pretty platform independant.
GIMP for beginners
The basic layers tutorials at Might be useful for PS users as well.
GIMP Savvy
A complete introduction to GIMP. Basic user's manual. Includes large *FREE* photo archive!!!
GUG Gimp Users Group
Many excellent FAQs and tutorials! PS users will find much of use here as well!
GUM Gimp User's Manual
Slightly outdated but contains a useful and *extensive* overview of GIMP and tools.
Hands On Training
Advanced 2D techniques including glass FX, drop shadows, web colors and much more.
Tigert Labs
GIMP tutorials including IFSCompose, Bezier selections and more.
Wasted Youth Tutorials page
*MANY* excellent tutorials covering lots of topics and platforms.

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