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Type Review Price URL Screen System
3D Canvas 3d modeller Many, many features including NURBs and direct povray support.  If it was faster running I would have given it five stars! FreePro version available that enables true csg, uv mapping, etc.  US$49 95, 98 or 2000
Amapi 4.15 3d modeller Excellent NURBs modeller with built in renderer.  Supports "natural" two hand interface. Free4.15 is now free!  Version 5.1+ is US$399!!! D/LHome page, NOT download site.
Blender complete 3D Complete modelling,  animation and rendering enviroment.  Lacks little but the unique interface and enviroment may take some getting used to. FreeWhile the software is free, it is highly complex and the intention is to get you to purchase books, etc. to aid in learning the software's use. na
Breeze Designer 3d modeller Fast and very able.  Supports export to POV, BMRT, RIB, VRML, others. Free na
Calimax 3d modeller Very good "scene" based modeller for POVray. FreeRequires free registration.
Hamapatch 3D modeller Excellent for creating organic shapes.  Uses bezier patchs and can export dxf, pov, obj, and more. Free
MegaPOV POV patch Not for the timid!  Addes incredible new functionality to POVray.  Excellent! Free na
Model Scend Editor 3D modeller One of the best mesh based modellers. FreeWhile it is currently a free beta MSE is still extremely capable with many unique features. na
POVray 3D raytracer Extremely powerful and popular script based raytracing engine.  Excellent! Free na
Poseray converter Converts .obj from Poser to .pov and .udo Free na
Terragen 3D terrain Excellent 3D terrain generation.  Can be used with Wally to create HFs for POVray. FreeCommercial version also available.

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