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Graphics Extreme Workshop

Tutorials for Bryce, Povray, 3DSMax and more.

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3D by Paul Bourke Information on everything dealing with 3D. A must see! 26-02-2001
3D Canvas Several great tutorials for this *free* modeller. 26-02-2001
3DSMax tutorials at 3DLinks Many excellent links! 26-02-2001
A New Hope Links to over 600 3DSMax tutorials! 26-02-2001
Bryce at Plenty of top notch tutorials. 26-02-2001
Bryce at 3DLinks More excellent tutorials for Bryce! 26-02-2001
Height Fields in Rendering Platform independant tutorials for creating landscapes. 26-02-2001
Lightwave at 3DLinks Comprehensive listing for the premiere commercial package. 26-02-2001
Maya at 3DLinks Got the software? Get the tutorials! 26-02-2001
Poser at 3DLinks Tutorials for this hot modeller! 26-02-2001
Povray at 3DLinks Many useful tutorials for this excellent raytracer! 26-02-2001
**Povray Specific** These get a page all their own! 26-02-2001
Raytracing FAQ What is raytracing??? 26-02-2001
Truespace at 3DLinks Top notch tutorials for a top notch package. 26-02-2001

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