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Website Status: updated Saturday, March 03, 2001 4:00PM PST
The Graphics Extreme Website is now considered *complete*!

We now have a fully functioning webring! Join us now!

Jonathan's Top Tip of the day #1
If you are making a logo for a web page that contains a lot of colour, but which must be a gif because it needs transparency, then you may find that the 256 colour limit of the gif file format becomes a problem.
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A new version of 3D Canvas, the hot new *free* 3D modelling package is available! (March 1, 2001)
 Dazzling text logos for your website, a 2D tutorial by Jonathan Hunt added.
 Traditional painting with high tech tools, a 2D tutorial by Angela Logan added.
 Galleries of raytraced logos, scenes and photographs, by Jonathan Hunt added.


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