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Website Status: updated Saturday, March 13, 2001 12:00PM PST
The Graphics Extreme Website is now considered *complete*!

We now have a fully functioning webring! Join us now!

Jonathan's Top Tip of the day #2

For an instant 'cool looking' desktop background image, follow these simple steps. (I'm assuming you're using Windows and have a photo editing package capable of arbitrary distance blur, but you can probably adapt the instructions for your own OS and/or software)...

click here to read the rest!

Free 3D Tools: Amapi 4.15 This excellent NURBs modeller retails for over US$300 (current version 5.1+) but for now the fully functional version of 4.15 is absolutely *FREE*! Download it now or take a look at the company homepage.
 PhymodMedia Plugins for GIMP. Features colored pencils and variable textures, realistic skies, and a Thick Oil Paint script fu! For Windows, get the .scm file only by clicking here and the plugin here.
New version of Project Dogwaffle Free 2D Tools: This new version of Project Dogwaffle for Windows features many fixes including support for 70 formats, Brushes are loaded with a seperate filename than images, and there are several new methods for plugins. Many nice "natural" brushes. Check it out!
 Galleries of artwork made from various kinds of leather and digital creations by Beatrix Bosch added.


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