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Welcome to the Graphics Extreme Webring Homepage.

What is Graphics Extreme?
Graphics Extreme (Workshop) is a group of people that enjoy creating and sharing graphical art. We have members who prefer 2D computer graphics, others that prefer 3D computer graphics, some that like photography and still others that deeply enjoy the traditional forms of art (painting, pen & pencil, etc.), and yet others (many others) who enjoy the creative possibilities of several or all of these kinds of artistic mediums!

Regardless if you are a beginner, a professional artist or just someone who enjoys looking at creative graphical artwork, this group may be for you. As a group we enjoy sharing our own artistic creations with each other as well as helping out with various tips, tricks and techniques; even full tutorials. As a policy, constructive critism is usually welcome and questions and comments are always invited.

You don't have to be a member of our Graphics Extreme Workshop to be a member of the webring! However, if you are interested in joining us we'd be glad to have you. :)

Can I join your webring?
Membership is free and easy! However, there are a few conditions that must be met before your website will be aproved and any violation of these may result in your website being removed from our ring without further notice (just so nobody can say I didn't warn you! :)

1. You have to have a website! If you don't already have one check with your ISP first. Many ISP accounts include free webspace that rarely gets used because subscribers aren't aware of it. If you would rather host a site elsewhere there are many good commercial and even free webhosts. This site is hosted by one of the *best* free hosts in the business,

2. Your website must qualify. Obviously your website should have something to do with the graphics arts. The page could contain galleries of your artwork, tutorials teaching artistic techniques, reviews of graphical software (or other equiptment), articles dealing with the graphical arts, or perhaps even software that you have written designed for use in the creation of graphical arts. Artwork on the page you are submitting to the ring must be original or at least not in violation of any copyright! Photographs are fine, if they are *yours*. Same goes with all other images on your website (outside of buttons, etc.) Sites which host pornography, warez, cracks, "hate" propaganda, etc., may be *illegal* and will not be accepted.

3. You must add the webring navigation system to your page. Go ahead and place the code for the webring on your site. Be sure you place it on a page that meets the rules listed above (and below). Then simply apply! Applications are made by filling in the boxs in the "Join Now" section below, but please read the rest of the rules before going there!

Where you put the navigation system IS important! You *MUST* have put the code on a page that offers at least some of the content that was your basis for applying, or clearly visable links on how to reach it. No one should show up at your site and wonder where the artwork is! You can put the code on a "links" page as long as the above rules are followed. There are several options as to the navigation controls you decide to offer on your website and whether or not you offer them all is up to you, however, to maintain the continuity of the web "ring" any visitor that has arrived at your site via this webring *MUST* be able to easily choose between going to the previous site in the ring and the next site in the ring and they must also be able to reach *THIS* page.

A small webring logo will be provided. You may use it *or* a text hyperlink with the same words: "Graphics Extreme Webring". The logo may be modified to better suit the theme of your website but must still be recognizable as belonging to this webring. The logo/text links *must* be found on the webpage you submitted when you applied. You can, however, make copies of the code and include it in other pages on your site. At no point in visiting your website should a visitor be "stranded" via java script links, etc. A visitor must always be able to easily return to the webring (next site, previous site, or this page).

Click here to take a test drive around our webring now!

Below are two examples of how the webring navigation system can look on your website.

Here is an example of the graphic logo coded ring nav system. Either view this page's source code and copy the webring coding or click here to get a text document with the code:

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Here is an example of a text coded ring nav system:

Graphics Extreme Webring

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